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Architecture should celebrate the act of building and explore new and old methods.

Featured projects

Brixton Rec

Brixton, London


The Tides and Times pod was manfuctured by furniture makers in the workshop as a flat pack and fully contructed on site by three people in one day.

One Night House

Berlin, Germany


Built in one night by 50 unskilled volunteers from found materials this project brought people together and represents the collective nature of building. 

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Pop-Up Restaurant


Commissioned by Noma restaurant in Copenhagen, we explored the possiblities of building simple temporary dining spaces using honest materials.  

Brixton Rec

Brixton, London


Brixton used a modular system that arrived on site prefabricated and bolted together 10m in the air. 

Norfolk Road

Sheffield, UK


Norfolk road is current on site and combines traditional stone and brick building methods, and lightweight infill panels.  


Winnipeg, Canada


The restaurant was constructed from scaffold and tarpaulin. The project was challenging in many ways, working in extreme conditions, and within a tight timeframe and budget. Its success was down to a large team of skilled and unskilled people working together.